the better crumb

single-batch cookies baked with the finest ingredients

(and love)

They Taste as Good as They Look

As a Pastry Chef, I'm beyond picky when it comes to baked goods. No store bought cookie was worth the calories to me, so I began testing dozens of recipes until I developed the perfect chocolate chip cookie! It's everything a chocolate chip cookie should be... puffy and crispy on the outside and soft, gooey and chewy in the middle. But what makes our cookies really stand out is the irresistible, crispy caramelization that you won't get with any store bought cookie!

They are perfect.

"I knew what it would taste like before I even bit into it... and it was even better!"


"These cookies could stop traffic!"


"They remind me of Levain cookies... but better!"


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"This is THE best chocolate chip EVER! My husband is super picky about chocolate chip cookies and he practically ate the whole bag. - Emily

"Got these in the morning and they were gone by evening. Hubby said they were the best cookies he's ever had :)" - Aimee

"Sweet Jesus! I have been searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie... and you nailed it!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Sylvia

"We devoured each cookie to the last crumb from the mix of Our Best Cookies selection. (And, confess maybe some hiding of cookies was involved to extend the yum.) The recipe for every single cookie was heavenly with the right balance of each ingredient used. A mouthful of cookie dream come true!”

- Maria

Treat yourself.

We source the highest quality ingredients we can find to create an unforgettable cookie. You'll never settle for store bought again.

Freshly Baked One Batch at a Time

Why does this matter? "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going" - Bevery Sills.

While it's more labor intensive and time consuming, the ingredients get mixed more thoroughly and you get one irresistible looking cookie!

But looks alone are not enough. We mean it when we say "The Better Crumb!" Every ingredient plays an important role in creating the final product. That's why we only use premium ingredients like European butter, chocolate and specialty unrefined brown sugars that take our cookies over the top. We may pay more for our ingredients, but they give our cookies a depth of flavor and tender crumb you won't find anywhere else! Every batch is freshly baked to order so they taste like they just came out of your Mama's oven (if your Mama was a pastry chef)!

About The Better Crumb...

We are a certified home bakery with sales currently only within NY State. Our cookies are baked by a food safety licensed Pastry Chef. Every recipe was tested dozens of times and approved by her own picky cookie eaters (the toughest crowd you could ever come up against). Please visit our blog at

While we don't use nuts in our cookies unless stated, we are not a nut-free kitchen and cross contamination is possible.